A New View and a Wealth of Experience in Employee Benefits Technology, Services, and Strategies
Benefit Harbor leverages unique, flexible employee benefits technology and years of benefits-modeling insight and service to drive and manage the optimal benefits portfolio for every employee in any organization.

Our cloud-based benefits management solution is propelled by a platform that has been architected to address the complex challenges and requirements facing employers, employees, carriers, and brokers in today’s fast-changing benefits market.
When you choose Benefit Harbor, you get a solution that:
  • Meets the demands of today’s most challenging benefits strategies with a single delivery platform
  • Simplifies benefits enrollment and the management of the complexities around eligibility, benefits offerings — including any voluntary benefits — employee turnover, insurance underwriting, and data analytics
  • Mitigates the ongoing deterioration of actuarial values
  • Enables a benefits strategy that maximizes benefits dollars for the company, the carrier, and the employee
Extraordinary Expertise in the Continuously Changing World of Employee Benefits
Benefit Harbor’s solutions are facilitating the transformation of the benefits administration landscape.
  • Employers are able to provide an attractive and cost effective benefits package to employees in the wake of rising costs and regulatory reform
  • Insurance carriers are able to provide differentiated products to enhance the overall value of the portfolio for their employer clients
The Benefit Harbor platform was envisioned and created to manage the entire benefits portfolio with a particular focus on making enrollment and administration of voluntary workplace benefits seamless to the employer and employee.
Benefit Harbor has modeled benefits programs and provided benefits administration technology and services for companies ranging in size from 200 to over 100,000 benefits-eligible employees.