Modeling, Management, and Support for the Entire Employee Benefits Ecosystem
The dramatic and complex shifts occurring in health insurance require employers, employees, carriers, and brokers to rethink how they view and manage benefits. Benefit Harbor is uniquely architected to meet the growing challenge of managing and administering benefit strategies that are much more dynamic and potentially more intricate than ever before.
The Benefit Harbor platform can handle the entire portfolio of employee benefits on a single integrated benefits technology platform that spans the full range of any benefits strategy:
  • Traditional benefit administration strategies
  • Multi-carrier and multi-product exchange strategies
  • Consumer-driven, personalized portfolios designed to maximize employee choice
Our comprehensive, tightly integrated continuum of services flows seamlessly from core administration technology through the full range of enrollment services and support.
The Undeniable Value of a Proprietary Platform and Trusted Partnerships
Because Benefit Harbor is a proprietary platform, we can design solutions around your benefit strategies — not ours — and immediately respond to changing needs as they arise.

Our extensive history of partnerships with carriers and providers enables us to solve any benefits administration and modeling challenge, regardless of its complexity.
All of that combines to help our clients:
  • Offer a wider range of group and individual plans to meet the increasingly diverse needs of today’s workforce
  • Maximize their benefits budget while delivering high-value benefits strategies to recruit and retain employees
  • Increase the accuracy and efficiency of their benefits administration practice
  • Leverage the efficiencies of a comprehensive, tightly integrated continuum of services
  • Free up HR staff to focus on business-critical and strategic tasks
Combined with our devotion to real-time continuous improvement, Benefit Harbor ensures the success of your benefits strategy in today’s world.

Benefits Portfolio Modeling

Build a portfolio of products to meet your individual needs and stay ahead of market trends toward consumer-directed benefits.

Enrollment and Eligibility

Self-service benefits enrollment delivers the online convenience and consumer experience employees demand today — and the administrative efficiency and transparency HR and companies require.

Customer Support

Comprehensive, personalized experience for enrollment and year-round service support that is accessible by phone and online.

Benefits Administration

Seamlessly integrate all of your employee benefits on one powerful system. Make administration easier, faster, less expensive, and more accurate.