Meeting Benefits Needs Today — and Tomorrow
Benefit Harbor was created as the result of seeing a widening and dangerous gap in the world of employee benefits. While working with some of the industry’s largest and most complex benefits cases, we saw that typical benefits administrators were increasingly unable to meet the needs of employers in a changing insurance marketplace.

No one was willing or able to bridge the gap between delivering a seamless experience for group products AND voluntary worksite products on one hand and deliver enterprise level benefits enrollment and administration technology and services on the other in a way that made sense for employers, carriers, and benefits consultants.
To bridge that gap, we built a next-generation system that could integrate virtually any kind of employee benefits from any carrier — core, supplemental, or voluntary, group or individual — and handle the benefits administration today and tomorrow. Our proprietary technology is not only highly robust, efficient, and scalable but it also eliminates enrollment and timing errors associated with voluntary products. The end result is that employees, employers, and carriers are united. Our underwriting expertise helps Benefit Harbor understand the diverse information needs of employees, employers, carriers, and third-party administrators. Our advanced technologies allow us to meet those needs.
In addition to benefiting from our state of the art administration platform, our customers also benefit from:
  • Verizon Data Center services, for world-class connectivity, reliability, and security
  • Seamless integration with PeopleSoft, SAP, ADP, and other HR information systems
  • Proven data exchanges with more than 500 carriers and vendors
The Future of Benefits
Today, Benefit Harbor helps leading companies better meet the needs of their employees, their HR staffs, and their bottom line.

In the future, we see benefits delivery continuing to evolve from traditional group coverage to a much greater emphasis on individual supplemental plans to enhance the value of the benefits portfolio and support the transition to consumer driven high deductible major medical plans. Thanks to our total focus on benefits integration and delivery, we are uniquely poised to help our customers meet the needs of tomorrow, and to benefit from our knowledge and experience for years to come.