Benefits Modeling with Powerful Technology and Unlimited Flexibility
Employee benefits strategies have become increasingly complex, expensive, and complicated to use. Employees are placing more value on the entire benefit portfolio than ever before. Supplemental and voluntary insurance products — from accident to disability to life — are becoming a recruiting necessity. At the same time, the insurance industry itself is shifting under the demands of federal healthcare regulations and decreasing profit margins.

Successfully executing on benefits strategies today requires a new view of technology and services. Benefit Harbor has a unique combination of experience, tenacity, and knowledge to drive the optimal benefit portfolio for every employee, mitigating the ongoing deterioration of actuarial values in the market.

Because we make group and individual insurance products from any carrier available through a single platform, our customers are ready for the consumer-directed programs of the future.
This capability is no accident.
We’ve built Benefit Harbor to anticipate long-term changes in the delivery model for employee benefits. Our platform’s flexibility, combined with relationships with hundreds of insurance carriers, gives us the expertise, connectivity, and product offerings to meet today’s diverse, changing employee needs.

Every Benefit Harbor client benefits from our 15 years of experience managing traditional group insurance products and voluntary workplace products and our history of operating partnerships with an array of carriers and employers.
Solutions for Protecting Peace of Mind

Benefit Harbor can deliver a full range of products to protect your current and future workforce:
  • Group benefits include health and welfare programs, group life, and group disability coverage from the most respected providers nationwide
  • Individual plans and programs are employee-owned and portable, offering customized protection for life, disability, accident, cancer, critical illness, and more
Unlimited Flexibility
With our carrier-neutral approach, there’s literally no limit to your range of benefit choices. The end result is a benefits program that’s truly customized, highly competitive, and remarkably easy to manage.