Seamless Benefits Integration: Faster, Easier, Less Expensive, More Accurate
Employee benefits administration is our core focus, and we deliver our services through a state-of-the-art system that maximizes our ability to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. Our proprietary system allows Benefit Harbor to deliver unequaled power, flexibility, and service in benefits administration.

By seamlessly integrating a world of benefits “Total Benefits Integrationon one powerful system, we make benefits administration easier, faster, less expensive, and more accurate. With the continuously evolving world of employee benefits, and the increasing need to comply with healthcare laws, nothing is more important than having accurate, accessible, and efficient data management within your benefits administration platform.
  • Our system automates a wide range of administrative tasks, from daily transactions to annual reporting.
  • We eliminate many routine chores through sophisticated process automation.
  • Multilevel, automatic verification protocols and audit trails dramatically increase accuracy and efficiency by keeping employees, employers, and carriers constantly in sync.
The key is a uniquely expansive design that makes group and individual benefit plans seamless to the employee and integrates eligibility, enrollment, and real-time decisions in one place, with built-in eligibility rules and rates. The single-user interface guides employees through an interactive experience that is easy to understand and use; delivering complete peace of mind — for HR and employees.
Total Benefits Integration

Benefit Harbor manages every benefits transaction
throughout the employee life cycle:
  • Personalized enrollment — online or over the phone
  • Eligibility management
  • Life-event changes processed and applied automatically across all relevant plans
  • Data transfers among HRIS, carriers, payroll, and third-party administrators (TPAs)
  • Analysis and reporting for workforce management
  • Billing and reconciliation to simplify financial management
  • Real-time underwriting on voluntary benefits
  • Credits management for flex plans or wellness programs
  • Carrier/payroll auditing for data accuracy and integrity