A New View of Employee Benefits Technology and Services
Employee benefit strategies have become increasingly complex and expensive. Successfully executing on those complexities in a cost-effective way demands a new view of technology and services — a comprehensive view that utilizes state of the art technology with hands on customer service. Engaging the employee when and where they want to be engaged is critical to them appreciating and valuing the benefits portfolio they are being offered.

Since its launch in 2002, Benefit Harbor has been keenly focused on delivering a scalable and extremely flexible benefits system that can enroll and manage all types of plans. Because the Benefit Harbor platform was envisioned as a solution for managing the most comprehensive benefits strategies, its technology enables users to easily manage the complex behavior associated with the market.
Our customers choose Benefit Harbor over the competition because it:
  • Onboards new cases more efficiently
  • Offers embedded underwriting of voluntary products
  • Leverages a proprietary application process and data intelligence to give employees real-time feedback about approval of voluntary products
  • Processes large amounts of data and provides real-time, actionable intelligence
  • Provides industry-leading customer support, including call center and HR support that lead to superior levels of customer satisfaction
Benefit Harbor has a unique combination of experience, tenacity, and knowledge to drive the optimal benefit portfolio for every employee, mitigating the ongoing deterioration of actuarial values in the major medical insurance.
Our flexible benefits technology, independent platform, and benefits-modeling insight can meet the challenges of even the most complex organization and deliver those benefits — from any carrier — on a completely integrated system. We prepare every client to successfully meet the demands not only of the upcoming enrollment season and current financial targets; we also put them in the best position to clearly see and meet challenges three to five years down the road.
The Ability to See the Bigger Picture
The market for employee benefits technology, services, and administration is being affected by several different trends. Among them are the continuous financial pressures of increasing healthcare costs, the struggle to win and retain top employees, and perhaps most significantly, the evolution of health insurance modeling in response to federal healthcare legislation and changes in the traditional model.
All of that represents different sets of new demands for employers, insurance carriers, and benefits consultants.
  • Having an independent platform, we have the ability to design solutions around your benefit strategy requirements, make changes quickly, and prepare employers for the future.
  • We make continuous improvements to our system and services to meet the new challenges of a dynamic industry with increasing demands from employers and employees.
  • We leverage 15 years of experience managing voluntary workplace products and traditional group insurance.
  • We have a history of operating partnerships with an array of carriers and employers.
Combined with our devotion to real-time and continuous improvement, Benefit Harbor ensures the success of your benefits strategy in today’s world.