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Welcome to Benefit Harbor
By supporting the entire circle of employee benefits on a single, integrated platform, Benefit Harbor helps our customers offer a wider range of group and individual plans to meet the diverse needs of their workforce, increase accuracy and efficiency – and free up vital HR staff.

Benefit Harbor offers much more than an administrative solution. Our total benefit solution lets forward-thinking companies:

  • Attract and retain top talent by creating a high-quality employee experience.
  • Provide expanded benefit choices to boost employee satisfaction while controlling cost and risk.
  • Lift the administrative burden, allowing internal resources to focus on other priorities.
  • Predict and manage administrative costs, even in a complex benefit environment and through organizational changes.

Our unique, integrated approach and our total focus on benefits administration offer a range of advantages that no other provider can match: True flexibility. Unlimited scalability. Proven carrier relationships. Industry-leading ease of use and support. Plus a highly strategic eye to the future.

It all adds up to total peace of mind for our customers and the employees they serve.



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